“The dreamer”

Este artículo es un poquito especial (aunque realmente cada uno de ellos tiene algo especial) porque hoy es un día especial y porque mañana será un día especial…hoy es el día del último abrazo, de las últimas cosas especiales, de las últimas recomendaciones y de dejarme el corazón bien lleno a pesar del tiempo que ha pasado y es que hay gente que aparece en tu vida para que creas en tí, para enseñarte a decir te quiero y a llorar por defender lo que verdaderamente quieres…

Este artículo es para ti…y no importa en que idioma te lo escriba porque tu siempre has sabido entenderme.

Te quiero…


Many people don´t believe in important things…important things that they don´t see…important thing like…hope, love, friendship…

In fact, this`s true because they are very busy to stop their lives and think only think, because if you think your time runs very fast.

Today, yesterday and tomorrow, all our days are the same…in the morning we get up early, we put on our clothes and few minutes later we go to the school or to work or simply we lose our hope because we´re looking for a job but there aren`t.

To start with my story, first of all I would like to introduce the protagonist…she is Sofia. Sofia is a normal girl. She is tall and thin…she loves archeologist and she hates sadness. She likes to find hidden things…for this reason one day she decided to be archeologist , and for this reason one day she invented “the dreamer”. The dreamer was a small blue ring…

Sofia become a famous for her invention and every night she made her the same question…how a small ring can be able to change the emotion of the people? When the people buy it, they never feel alone, or they never feel sad…if you put “the dreamer” in your finger you can be very happy…your problems may be same before you buy the ring, but you´ll be able to see your live with eyes of hope….

Only few months later to the invention, the dreamer had been sold all over the world and you can see Sofia in the television or heard her on the radio…everybody wanted to know her!

Do you Know why the people were happy when they had “the dreamer”? To be honest, I think we need to BELIEVE! And we only need one reason to do it!


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